Sheila, Mama of 2, Eau Claire

I cannot recommend Jennifer enough!  I knew within five minutes of meeting her that I was going to be immensely happy with her services.  She has gone above and beyond to be there for me in my breastfeeding journey and has been a source of much-needed support and encouragement during my difficult days of life with a newborn and toddler. Her knowledge is excellent, her teaching skills are absolutely fantastic, and her personality will instantly make you feel at ease.  She has been truly amazing, and she's treated me with the kindness and caring of a friend, not just as a client. 


Mamas, do yourselves a huge favor and get Jennifer on your support team!  You'll be so glad you did!


Lauren, Mama of 3, Menomonie

When Jennifer came to my house, I was so nervous.  I had spent three weeks "triple feeding" my daughter (attempting to nurse, pumping, and then bottle feeding) and was physically and emotionally exhausted.  I wasn't sure how much longer I wanted to keep trying to make nursing work and I was nervous I was going to be pressured or guilted into continuing to attempt to make nursing work.  


Once Jennifer came to our house, I felt a sigh of relief!  She heard where I was coming from, and I felt so extremely supported to do whatever I felt was best, whether that meant continuing to try to breastfeed or her helping me figure out how to transition my daughter to formula.  She was truly there to walk alongside me, with no judgment.  


Jennifer assessed my daughter for oral restrictions.  We had already been seen by an ENT doctor who didn't feel like my daughter needed any intervention, so I was skeptical when she relayed to me that she felt like we needed another opinion.  Man, was she right!  We made an appointment to be seen by a pediatric dentist.  Jennifer met my husband and me there, was at the appointment with us, helped talk to us about what to expect, and stayed to assist my daughter and me with breastfeeding after the tongue and lip tie releases were done.  It was so helpful to have her there with us.


Through it all, Jennifer was in contact with me on an online patient portal and was very thorough with her responses and the individualized care plan she created for us.  She helped to refer us to other healthcare practitioners when need be.  I am so happy with the care we received from her.  She was so helpful, and I would strongly recommend her to anyone struggling with nursing.  I wish I would have contacted her MUCH sooner; her services are truly worth every penny and more.  My daughter and I are enjoying bonding through breastfeeding now, thanks in part to the awesome care we received from Jennifer!

Nicole, Mama of 3, Eau Claire

Working with Jen has been an integral part of my breastfeeding journey.  She helped me several years ago with my firstborn son, and I reached out to her again when I gave birth to twins, because I knew nursing twins would be different!


Jen helped me with their latch and position, performed weighted feeds to show me how much milk they took in during nursing sessions, tracked their nursing logs and weight gain, and designed an individual care plan for my daughter (the smaller twin) to ensure she was thriving.  She also communicated with my midwife to ensure we were all on the same page.  Both kids have been growing fantastically, and Jen has been a crucial part of my care team!


And, beyond caring for all three of my kids' growth as newborns, she has offered whole person care, meaning she regularly asks about my emotions, my family members, and my self-care (even ensuring I got food, water, and bathroom breaks each time we met!).


Thanks, Mama Bear Lactation, for the phenomenal care for my family!

Chantel, Mama of 2, Chippewa Falls

Jennifer was able to help give us answers related to our breastfeeding challenges and was able to come up with a detailed plan to help address our challenges as well as to reach our overall goal.  She continued to check in and communicate with us to ensure we had the support and resources needed.  I would highly recommend Jennifer to other families who need help and additional resources related to breastfeeding.

Bethany, Mama of 10, Fall Creek

Throughout a difficult and stressful breastfeeding journey with my youngest daughter, Jen was amazing!  She asked questions that were very well placed, took the time needed to really assess the situation, and had much needed and valuable information. … There is no doubt in my mind that my supply would not have held up without her valuable advice.  I also know that her knowledge helped me sort through many of the nursing issues.  Jen was invaluable to our journey and helped us keep going.

Brooke, Mama of 2, Chippewa Falls


My breastfeeding journey with my son started out quite a rocky one. I reached out to Jennifer when he was 3 days old looking for help.  She responded to my text quickly and even a phone call later that day.  My first impression was that she is very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to talk to, which all hold true to this day.  Jen always sent a message, checking in on us a day or two after giving me advice, to see how we were doing.  She gave me so many compliments throughout our journey but without her, we would not have made it past week one.  She is reliable and compassionate, all in all, an AMAZING asset to the breastfeeding community.  Jen believed in me, even when I did not believe in myself!


Carolyn, Mama of 1, Eau Claire


Working with Jennifer was amazing!  I think every Mama, whether breastfeeding/pumping is going well or not, can gain valuable info by working with her!  I have had a very successful first time journey with breastfeeding, even though a few challenges, and it is all due to CONTINUED professional support.  But not only that, I am now gaining more confidence (which was wavering) as I transition off my maternity leave and prepare to return to work.  Jennifer has helped equip me and my family for success as we learn how to balance breastfeeding and pumping, things to expect for our daycare transitions, and tips on how to continue on the path and reach the goals my family has.  Thank you, Jennifer!

Angie, Mama of 2, Chippewa Falls

I was not successful in breastfeeding my first child.  This time I decided I wanted to dig deeper into the issue and get more help than the pediatrician’s advice.  Jennifer was extremely friendly and easy to talk to about such a personal topic.  Even though my breastfeeding journey with my second child ultimately did not end the way I wanted, she was extremely supportive and gave me all the resources and options I needed to make my decision.  I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat.